Wexford County Council, Headquarters Competition

The concept of this project is ‘to set a light upon the hill’. This building is conceived as a lantern situated on the hillside overlooking Wexford Harbour. The building has to reflect its symbolic place in the country and its role in providing a service to the community. Therefore its form as a lantern on the hillside is appropriate.

The building is designed as a series of fingers reaching out in the landscape, conceived as built moraines, with civic space situated between fingers in the form of concourse atrium space, which in turn provides a focal point for the building that can be used for exhibitions, receptions and public gatherings.

Two and three storey timber and glass clad fingers reach out from the civic atrium into the landscape, presenting access to planning and other public functions administered by the local authority.

The atrium culminates prominently at the highest level with the council chamber, a double height volume differentiated from the other volumes of the scheme, clad in Titanium Zinc, with a large raised window facing north east over the river valley and towards Wexford Town and Wexford Harbour.