New House in the Dublin Mountains

The development located in the Kilmashogue Valley consists of the provision of a new single storey, self-sufficient house, a wastewater treatment system, a geothermal heat pump central heating system and solar heating panels.

The proposed development has been designed to integrate fully into the existing landscape and is in sympathy with its valley location. The living spaces of the house are located below a grass roof at the level of the existing site typography. A pedestrian pathway is provided from the entrance gates to the front door of the house. The house and path take the form of the existing site contour and are invisible from the roadway. The rural character of the area is fully maintained.

The development establishes a largely self sufficient house, collecting water on site, growing much of their own food, dealing with its own waste and providing energy from a ground source heat pump and solar panels. The building materials utilizes native non-treated materials and is insulated with Irish sheep’s wool. The internal finishes will be breathable natural painting oils.

The house is orientated to a Southerly direction space-heating requirement through passive solar gain, and to take advance of the sites valley location.

Floor to ceiling glazing on the South façade has been designed to maximize solar gain to the south and minimize heat loss. The northern and side elevations disappear below the existing site contour minimizing heat loss. The living spaces are located to the southern side of a house with seasonal sun spaces as passive solar collectors; equally thermal buffer spaces such as utility and toilets are positioned on the north side of the building.

The traditional field pattern is preserved and roadside and field boundary hedges are retained. The vehicular access and driveway respect the site contours. The gate way is constructed in local materials and is in a style indigenous to this area.