Meath Council & Navan Town

This scheme is designed to respond to the dual aspect of its location, on the edge of Navan town and on the edge of a river valley. After careful site analysis and site visits, its was determined that the position on the site at the location of the meander on the Boyne where the river comes closest to N3 had to be reserved to provide a visual connection between the town, the river valley and surrounding landscape. An external civic space is provided here, which links the town to the river valley and the surrounding landscape. This civic space also gives access to a pedestrian bridge linking the site to the proposed park on the far side of the river.

The council buildings are positioned centrally to address this civic space, and are split between two blocks, with the southerly element symbolizing the identity of Navan town Council and northerly element symbolizing Meath County Council. Navan Town Council is represented by the more orthogonal block situated closest to and addressing the town and which prominently accommodates its Council Chamber at its east most end. Meath County Council is represented by the flowing meandering volume that follows the river Boyne and that is raised and looking out over the river valley and the surrounding county landscape. This flowing volume culminates at its western most end with the Meath County Council Chamber which in turn addresses the new civic space provided.

Each Council is represented either side of the main entrance. As one enters the scheme, one discovers a shared internal linear civic space that provides a focal point within the scheme. This open atrium forms the main entry space to the buildings and shall be finished to the highest standards reflecting its important civic function. Bridges are provided at upper levels between blocks symbolizing connection between staff, departments and disciplines. A partially glazed roof floods the atrium with natural light.

The atrium concourse is spilt over two floor levels and the public functions administered by the local authorities are spread out on both these levels. The atrium is an extension of the river walk and provides a pedestrian route from the river level up to the town of Navan. The atrium provides alternative spaces that can be used for exhibitions, receptions and public gatherings. The atrium has glazed open elevations at either end framing views of the river valley. Ongoing.