New house at Accony, County Mayo

The site is located in Accony, five kilometres west of Louisburgh. The site is approximately 10,000 m2 in area, with road frontage of approximately 109 metres in length. The site is costal in nature with a raised stone-edged embankment forming the site edge to the road. The land falls sharply south westwards down the sea. There is a small cliff face to the north of the site. The site topography affords the site with superb views in a Westerly direction towards Clare Island.

The house is designed to integrate fully into the existing landscape in sympathy with its costal location.
Materials include, grass roofs, glass and steel fenestration and stone walls.
The house is orientated in a Westerly direction to maximize the site views.
The House is embedded into the landscape.
The house follows the existing site contour and is of reduced scale when seen from the road.
The house is designed in 3 distinct elements, each set at different levels to respond to the site topography.
A glass and steel lantern rises from the rear of the house.
Guest accommodation is situated to the south of the central living spaces.
The master suite is positioned to the farthest part of the house, away from the road and turned askew to the remainder of the house for increased privacy.

The orientation of glazing shall harness passive solar gain.
Floor to ceiling glazing is proposed on the South and West facing elements.
The northern and side elevations disappear below the existing site contour minimizing heat loss.
Thermal buffer spaces including storage, utility and toilets are positioned in the northern side.
The house is heated by use of a ground source heat pump.