House in Old Connaught

The project involved the extension to the rear, of a 1940’s detached house in South County Dublin.

The house did not relate to its context. Hedges had the garden, with internal spaces, barely relating to the existing mature gardens.

The house had a number of small rooms that did not comfortably accommodate family needs.

The project entailed the extension of the house into the garden such that the garden could surround it.

A new living, dining, kitchen space was accommodation the ground level extension. The screens on the south elevation consist of 4 panels, including 2 sliders that open away from a central column.

Opening vents were positioned on the east and west elevations such that the maximum area of glass and view could be achieved.

The floor level of the extension was lowered to the garden level to make connection.

The floor inside the glass screens is of masonry construction and acts as a heat stone for passive solar gain. A zinc overhang roof addresses lowlevel glare.

West windows allow evening sunlight to penetrate deep into the living space in the evenings.

The floor, walls and roof are all highly insulated beyond current requirements.

While down lighters were used, their number was kept to a minimum.