Henrietta Hall

This project located at the corner of Bolton Street and Henrietta Street in Dublin 1, consists of 34 apartments at upper levels, above a retail shop unit and 8 residential duplex units.

The project is planned around a west facing central courtyard, which provides access to all the apartment units. Two stairs are provided, rising from the courtyard to circulation balconies situated at each floor levels where extensive garden and amenity space is provided at 2 levels, and provide the occupiers with views in all directions over the city.

Different building materials have been used to express different uses within the scheme. The retail unit is situated at street level and is expressed as a double heitht element, which is set behind stack bonded flamed granite columns.

8 Number residential duplex units are situated on Henrietta Street and Henrietta Place. These units are expressed with the use of timber paneling set above a deeply recessed stone plinth, which accommodates planter boxes between the pavement and apartment windows.

The apartment units above are expressed with brick material to the street and courtyard elevations. Overburn bricks with white mortar joints were selected in reference to the context in which the building is found.

The corner of Bolton Street and Henrietta street is stepped in plan and section, giving the corner a unique expression of identity.

Year of completion 2006.