Dalkey Avenue Killiney

This project relates to a 1970’s build detached house on Dalkey Avenue.  The existing house was of poor presentation, with asymmetric low pitch roof slopes and arkward elevations that made poor connection to the surrounding site.

The project involved general alterations and extensions to provide a new kitchen and dining space, a new living room and drawing room, additional bedrooms and bathrooms, a new games room and utility.

The project also entailed the improvement of existing spaces including the main bathrooms and bedrooms.

A full height window was installed to connect the dining area to the rear garden. A new, two storey feature corner box window was positioned to mazximize views over Dublin Bay.

We fully expressed the timber structure to distinguish the kitchen and dining areas within the plan by forming recesses between the columns and separating each of these recesses with  glass, resulting in a punctuated colonnade of timber columns on both sides of the spaces.

The house had practically no insulation, and all the windows were leaky single glazed windows, which made the house very cold and hard to heat. We have installed high levels of insulation and new windows throughout, We replaced the heating system and associated controls, all of which, dramatically reduced heat loss and improved energy efficiency.

Year of completion 2007